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(a flower i bought at the local market, after i feel in love with some strangers)

I don't think I have ever been in love. Sure, I've had crushes and all, but actual love? It's still a no from
me. The funny thing is, I fall in love all the time. Or more precisely, I keep falling in love with every stranger I see. A soft, glowing girl in the train. An old couple holding hands in silence in a restaurant. A boy running a hand through his uncombed, salty hair after a swim at the beach. A group of friends walking around, laughing. A middle-aged man leaning against the door of a club, lighting a cigarette. An old lady selling fruit at the local market.
And whenever I see these people - and I fall in love with them - I remain amazed by how much beauty a human can have. Yes, all nature is extraordinarily breath-taking (flowers stay among the list of things I like the most on planet earth), but have you ever seen something so imperfectly beautiful that it almost makes you tear up? Tha…

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